Garden Design & Fencing in Vermont – VT

The landscape design component of any project is the most involved of the planning process. It falls on our landscape design team to solve any existing site issues and offer a plant palette that blends with the home’s architecture, the existing site and meets the client’s aesthetic expectations. Our garden design and fencing process incorporates the use of a plant palette that is rare and unique, and unmatched in individuality. We don’t use the most common landscape plants as we tailor each landscape project to the individuality of the client. Our designs blend varying and competing textures with staggered bloom times, different heights and explosive colors. The backbone of our garden landscape designs is the use of needled evergreens that offer a funky, abstract or a more refined shape. It is the conifers that ultimately bring the design together and allow it to remain alive throughout the winter so our projects continue to showcase their beauty for all seasons.